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Thanks for attending Elevation 2024

Elevate your business, elevate your design, elevate your skills. 

Permacon Elevation brings together the third edition of the Permacon Academy and Permacon Day in winter, in seven different cities. During these two days of events, you had the opportunity to meet our partners and our team.

The first day was dedicated to the Permacon Academy. The big Permacon conference took place the following day under the name Permacon Day.

Thanks for attending the event!!!

Academy Permacon

Pro Zone

Refine your skills and knowledge in the business, design, and installation of landscaping products.

The Permacon Academy is part of Permacon Elevation and takes place in the morning and in the afternoon. You are able to select among the three topics presented throughout the day, that meet everyone’s interests. Each seminar is divided into three sections: educational, expert knowledge sharing and Q&A sessions.

Please note that these seminars are credited hours for ICPI.

This year, in the morning, you could learn about the topics below:

  • Management – Administration Management: administration Systems Management, Employee Management, Future Proofing your Business in a Changing Economy, Stand Out and Sustained Growth, Uniqueness of Companies, Branding/Marketing, Social Media, Business Management Forum (Q&A)
  • From Basic to Advanced Installation: production – Basic to Advanced Hardscapes, installation (raised patios, outdoor kitchens, etc.), team/Crew Management, uniqueness of Installations, regular Installations vs. Permeable Installations, installation Forum (Q&A)

A lunch is served at 12pm.

In the afternoon, the topics were:

  • Design: Design Trends (Design vs. Effectiveness), Design Uniqueness (interior/exterior, colours, house style, etc.), Design Forum (Q&A)
  • Field Operations Management: Field Operations Management, production Systems Management, Installation, Cost Analysis and Sustainable Growth, Building & Training Teams – Uniqueness of Crews, Managing Expectations – Quality Control – Efficiency, Regular Installations vs. Permeable Installations – Costs Analysis, Field Operations Management Forum (Q&A)
Congrats to Elevation Awards winners!

Congrats to all the winners of the 2024 Elevation Awards!

Woodbridge, 2024: 

Kenneth Morgan Pools & Landscaping and DeKorte’s Landscaping Ltd.

Boucherville, 2024: 

Jardin Fleuri, Natur’Art and Cité Champêtre Inc.

Ottawa, 2024: 

Abloom Landscape and Wild Ridge Landscaping Inc.

Laval, 2024 : 

Prestige Paysage, Multi Pavé Design and Les Entreprises Générales Riccardi

Québec, 2024 : 

Candide Villeneuve Paysagiste, Les Artisans du Paysage and Terrassement Chrystian


Congrats to all the winners of the 2023 Elevation Awards!

Vaughan, 2023: 

Balsam Creek Landscaping, Maple Ridge Living

Ottawa, 2023: 

Killarney Landscaping, Abloom Landscape

Lévis, 2023: 

Les Paysages Décor Plus, Signé Patrick Dufour, Les Artisans du Paysage

Laval, 2023: 

Pavé Boisbriand, Pavage et Aménagement Antonio Borsellino, Paysages Laurentiens

Boucherville, 2023:

Pavé design