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TrueColor – The secret of an elegant finish rich in long-lasting colours

This high-tech product, developed by Permacon and Belgard, has been on the North American market for over 15 years, and has been introduced in Canada in 2024. But what is TrueColor? How does it work and what advantages does it provide?

What is TrueColor?

TrueColor is an advanced product that protects the colour of paver or slab surfaces. It enhances the colour depth and extends colour durability. It also makes treated slabs and pavers more resistant to everyday wear and tear, such as UV rays and stains. It enhances the paver’s colour without losing the surface texture of real stone.


How it works

TrueColor is sprayed throughout each concrete slab or paver. It fills in surface roughness in the paver or slab’s surface to a significant depth, resulting in more intense, longer-lasting colours. As a result, TrueColor penetrates deeper into the paver or slab than other standard protection products and lasts longer. Combining the TrueColor technology to our core colour process which evenly disperses colour throughout each paver, creating a consistent and beautiful look ensures a consistent appearance, increasing durability while preserving quality.


The advantages of TrueColor

  • Semi-gloss texture: the treatment gives pavers an elegant semi-gloss texture.
  • Rich, long-lasting colours: colours are intensified and preserved over the long term thanks to advanced pigmentation technology.
  • Permanent protection: no need to apply traditional sealant to pavers or slabs after a few years.
  • Easy maintenance: stains are easier to clean, simplifying daily maintenance.

Brooklyn Paver

Currently in Permacon’s product offering, the Brooklyn paver features TrueColor technology, giving it a unique semi-gloss texture and a warm, weathered stone look.