What is Permacon’s Pro Zone?

Our new website marks the introduction of our brand new Pro Zone, designed to simplify navigation for professionals. On this page you will find all the links relevant to your work as a distributor or installer of Permacon products.

Pro Zone

Permacon Events

Did you know that every year we organize free events for our distributors and installers? Training sessions, networking activities, trade shows, conferences, new products, program launches, and more– Permacon has an event for every occasion. Although most of our events are free, registration is required and must be done through our website. 

Find a Permacon Representative

Are you new to our products and not yet in contact with one of our representatives? Do you already have a representative but can’t remember their name and are too shy to ask? No problem! Our tool can help you. Simply enter your postal code or current location and the contact information for your assigned representative will appear, based on your title and industry. It’s just that easy!


At Permacon, we take the quality of our products very seriously. In addition to our research and development department as well as the quality analysis and laboratory resistance tests that we perform on our products, we offer a guarantee of up to 50 years on each and every one of our products!

As soon as you purchase one of our products, we advise you to register it immediately. That way, if you happen to misplace the invoice within the next 50 years, it wouldn’t be a problem. Check out our website for full details on our warranty, and don’t forget to read our Support page to find out how to properly care for Permacon products and avoid any issues.

Finally, making a claim is easy to do on our website, and it’s even faster if your products are already registered. Both homeowners and installers can register Permacon landscaping/masonry products and make a claim if any issues arise.

Textures and Hatching patterns

Textures and hatching are particularly useful in the design stage, whether for a landscaping or masonry project. 3D renderings give a taste of what the project will become, offering your clients the chance to dream big.

No matter which program you prefer, you can bring your projects to life long before their installation. Textures and hatching are available for the following programs:

  • AutoCad
  • SketchUp
  • DynaScape
  • Any other presentation software


Technical Information

Our technical information includes everything you need to choose the right Permacon products, plan projects, and install the products of your choice. In short, from the inspiration phase to a project’s final inspection, we’re right there alongside you! Permacon’s technical information files include product sheets, installation guides, calculators, master estimates, and much more.