How does DuraFusion technology work?

DuraFusion, a name that speaks for itself


Welcome to the sumptuous world of DuraFusion, Permacon’s brand-new product line that perfectly merges durability with exceptional aesthetics. Discover smooth products with rich nuances for a unique finish.

To offer a product that is unique throughout North America, Permacon has worked closely with Belgard, its sister company in Western Canada and the United States. DuraFusion technology combines a top layer of rich pigments with Permacon’s core colouring process. This results in a slab or paver of elegant, vibrant colour. With a top layer of finer aggregates, the product achieves unparalleled colour vibrancy that stands the test of time.

As its name suggests, DuraFusion merges durability and aesthetics. The name is used by Permacon and all its sister companies in North America to ensure international alignment.


An ultra-smooth texture without compromise

DuraFusion technology delivers an ultra-smooth texture that is striking to the eye and the touch, while preserving the structural quality of slabs and pavers. DuraFusion is just as durable as Permacon’s other products.

An elegant range of colours

DuraFusion’s Hickory, Marbella and Silverstone colours offer a rich and modern look. The perfect compliment to a variety of products from the smooth collection, these colours add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

A perfect combination

Permacon’s Esbelto Durafusion and Melville DuraFusion slabs and pavers stand out for their smooth-to-the-touch texture, premium look and rich colours. DuraFusion products in Hickory, Marbella or Silverstone colours compliment perfectly Permacon’s walls, steps, curbs and capping in Range Amber Beige or Range Scandina Grey.

Make the choice for excellence with DuraFusion and transform your outdoor space into an extraordinary place where dreams come true.