New Additions to Permacon’s Architectural Products!

Spotlight on the New Permacon Vertex Paver

Discover the Permacon Vertex paver, a groundbreaking exterior design product especially intended for visionary architects. If you’re looking for creativity, exceptional lines and endless design possibilities, the Vertex paver is the answer. Needless to say, this 600 mm long trapezoidal paver will transform your outdoor spaces into a true piece of architectural art.

New Additions to Permacon’s Architectural Products!

Redefined creativity

Let the multiple laying patterns of the Vertex paver inspire you and express your creativity. Its trendy trapezoidal shape matches perfectly with the many pavers in the Boulevard 300 collection, allowing you to create unique, captivating patterns. Choose mechanical installation of Vertex pavers, which combines economy and aesthetics. Faster and more efficient than manual installation, it allows you to stick to your budget without compromising style, making Vertex pavers a must-have choice.

Unique dimensions and multiple colours

The Vertex paver stands out from other products of its kind thanks to its medium-large format of 4 x 5 7/8 in. (100 x 150 mm) and 11 13/16 x 23 5/8 in. (300 x 600 mm). In fact, it covers an average surface area of 1.45 sq. ft. (0.135 m2). In addition, it offers infinite design possibilities thanks to its smooth finish and various colours: Beige, Red, Light Charcoal, Beige Grey, Cinder Grey, Charcoal, Light Grey, Black ETX and White.

Exceptional versatility

Play with contrasts by pairing Boulevard pavers in different colours with Vertex pavers, used alone or as accents for a striking visual effect.

Available on special order

Vertex pavers are available as a special order product to add your signature to any project. This allows you to create custom colours that perfectly reflect your vision.

A broad range of laying patterns

Explore a variety of laying patterns, including the running bond pattern (mechanical installation) using Vertex pavers, and others that are permeable, such as Verde Lines and Garden 600 x 600. Experiment with different combinations of Boulevard pavers for outstanding results:

Diagonals 100 x 450 with Boulevard 300 pavers 100 x 450

False Curve with Boulevard 300 pavers 150 x 150 or with Boulevard 300 pavers 150 x 300

Insertions 300 x 600 with Boulevard 300 pavers 300 x 600

Garden 600 x 600 with Boulevard 300 pavers 600 x 600

Verde Lines with Boulevard Verde pavers

Rows 150 x 450 with Boulevard 300 pavers 150 x 450

Side-by-side 150 and 300 with Boulevard 300 pavers 150 x 150 or with Boulevard 300 pavers 150 x 300

Side-by-side 150 x 300 with Boulevard 300 pavers 150 x 300

Various applications

The versatility of Vertex pavers makes them ideal for pedestrian, vehicular or light commercial use. They can be used in numerous applications, including parking lots, medians, sidewalks, commercial spaces, parks and walkways.

More information about the Vertex paver

Visit our Vertex paver product page today and discover how this architectural masterpiece can transform your projects. Don’t forget to fill out our Lunch & Learn Form to learn more about the features and benefits of Vertex pavers directly from our experts.

Transform your outdoor spaces with Permacon Vertex pavers and create a timeless piece of art.

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Permacon’s Urban Slab in New Colours

We’ve heard you! The Urban slab is now available in new colours. Listening to our customers is part of our commitment to excellence, and the new shades we’ve added to our Urban slab range reflect our ongoing commitment to offering you solutions that are both aesthetic and functional.

New Additions to Permacon’s Architectural Products!

When new colours = new possibilities

As of autumn 2023, the Urban slab is offered in four captivating new shades: Range Bayona Grey, Beige Grey, Light Grey and White. Range Bayona Grey, a dark grey with beautiful nuances, ideal for large surfaces, has already been proving its worth in our portfolio since 2021. If you’re looking for a more natural shade, Beige Grey offers an option that leans more towards beige than grey. This colour blends perfectly with grey landscaping and architecture, adding a warm touch. As for Light Grey and White, they stand out for their ecological features. Their high solar reflectance index—the highest in Permacon’s portfolio for White—means they reflect rays rather than absorb them, creating a cooler surface ideal for roof terraces. The White colour illuminates outdoor spaces and enhances ambience with undeniable elegance, while the Light Grey colour creates a welcoming atmosphere while retaining a feeling of luminosity.


A slab designed for flat roofs

The Urban slab with its optimal height of 2 in. (55 mm) is specifically engineered for flat roofs. This makes it easier to lift to the roof, and quicker to install. Besides, the Urban slab can be installed on pedestals, ensuring solid stability for your high-rise outdoor space.

Elegant contrasts and flexible design

The five colours together—Range Bayona Grey, Cinder Grey, Beige Grey, Light Grey and White—offer infinite potential for creating elegant contrasts in your landscape. Change the colour to define spaces while keeping the installation simple. Using the same slab pattern ensures visual consistency while adding a touch of creativity to your outdoor space.



Available immediately

The Urban slab in its new colours is now part of our range of architectural products in inventory. This means you can complete your projects faster, without having to order minimum quantities.

Make your ideas come to life with Permacon’s Urban slab, combining contemporary aesthetics and functionality to create roof terraces that captivate and impress.

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