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Are you an Architect?

Did you know that Permacon offers a wide range of products with colours and textures that blend harmoniously with our landscaping collections?

Whether for your institutional, commercial or industrial projects (HERE), the core idea behind these products’ design remains the same: to simplify your work.

Here are 4:

Aria Stone

Boasting great versatility, our Aria stone is perfect for modern and mid-century projects, where it is appreciated not only for its multiple installation combinations, but also for its smooth finish, offered in 4 colours. The Heron, Newport Grey, Blizzard, and Rockland Black shades are among the most popular in our catalog for both masonry and landscaping.

The Heron colour of Aria stone is equivalent to the popular Scandina Grey shade available for our landscaping products. As for the Blizzard shade, its high solar reflectance index helps to minimize urban heat islands.

The installation of Aria stone, facilitated by its unique format, is matched only by its avant-garde design.

Note that all stones have finished corners.

Dominion Stone

With an all-purpose Limestone colour and upscale, urban aesthetic, this stone’s variety of design options is what drives its popularity.

While naturally reminiscent of big-city monuments, such as banks, this stone is equally suited to modern, mid-century, or traditional projects, as well as to Canadian-craftsman and ancestral styles.

With no chamfer, there are an infinite number of design possibilities!

Needless to say, this stone is a natural fit with Dominion window sills and jambs.

Maestro Stone

The original and contemporary Maestro stone features an elongated shape along with fine lines and smooth surfaces.

A perfect complement to the Melville collection of slabs and pavers, it is also ideal for farmhouse, mid-century, and modern styles.

Note that all stones have finished corners.


In keeping with our desire to support you in a concrete way, our website features a series of amazing photos of masonry projects that you can check out in the Inspirations section. This is an opportunity to visualize the final result, to filter your search by architectural style, and to be inspired by our cladding in institutional, commercial, and industrial spaces.

If our virtual showcase isn’t enough and you’re curious to see more, remember that you can always order catalogs displaying our residential and architectural masonry products. The same goes for ordering samples, which is super convenient!

Pro Zone

To ensure your project’s success, we also offer the Pro Zone, a section dedicated to industry professionals.

Access installation pattern guides along with detailed data sheets featuring indispensable info, and most importantly, give yourself some peace of mind. Our tools include renderings that offer partners and clients a concrete and practical overview, not to mention our texture and hatch library. Also available are facts concerning our products’ dimensional tolerances, bending strength, compressive strength, density, and absorption. In addition, check out our user guides for SketchUp, BIM Smith, and AutoCAD.

Our available hatchings and textures are available in a PDF directory as well as in .zip format for use in other programs.

Our catalog of textures is compatible with SketchUp and similar software along with BMP and JPG files. Our hatching catalog is compatible with the 2 most popular programs in masonry: BIM and AutoCAD.

We are committed to meeting your needs and invite you to contact your representative if you require additional information. You can also send us a message through our Contact page, specifying that you work with ICI masonry products. We would be happy to help you.

Are you an Architect?